Elevatorske transportne trakeElevator conveyor belts are designed for use in all areas where conveyor belts are used. Due to their construction elevator conveyors are known for durability, reliability and have a long lifespan. They represent the best solution from the technical and cost-effectiveness view.

They are suitable for:

  • sand, gravel and stone industries
  • cement and concrete industry
  • heating plants, power plants, waste incineration
  • asphalt mixing plants
  • recycling, composting and mineral resources
  • elevatorske transportne trakewood industry and sawmills
  • agriculture
  • storage, siloses
  • docks, ship loading and unloading
  • sugar refineries, salt mines, starch factories
  • foundries
  • waste processing

Elevator conveyor belts
TypeType of fabric (N/mm)Number of outputsWidth
EP 500/3 1/1 Y cut edgeEP 1603up to 1550 mm
EP 630/4 2/2 Y cut edgeEP 1604up to 1550 mm
EP 800/5 2/2 Y cut edgeEP 1605up to 1550 mm
EP 1000/5 2/2 Y cut edgeEP 2005up to 1500 mm

* At the customer’s request made in other qualities (K, MOR)

* We perform perforations on the conveyor belts according to the sketch – pattern provided from costumer

* Connecting the belt is done by overlapping or with metal buckles.