Accordion conveyor belts are used to transfer material at an angle that is so steep that normally happens thet material slipping or rolling backwards. Accordion conveyors have rubber side (accordion-curb) and transverse ribs which are an integral part of the belt and are vulcanized with upper rubber layer. Accordion conveyor belts have antiabrasion properties and are flexible.

Typical applications for transport:

  • gravel
  • send
  • coal
  • limestone and limestone materials
  • soil
  • Bulk materials such as maize, wheat…
  • For transport at certain angle without fracture, where fractures are in the form of letters ”L” and ”Z”.

Standard products:

Belt type B = widthB-300B-400B-500B-650B-800
Dimension b (mm)5 i 37
Lining (mm)The quality of lining''N''
Lining (mm)Upper lining3/2
Lining (mm)Lower lining3/2
Armature of
EP canvas
EP 330/2xxx--
Armature of
EP canvas
EP 500/3---x-
Armature of
EP canvas
EP 630/4----x

Maximum angle of transporting:

Adhesive materials: wet sand, soil...40°-45°
Low rolling materials: gravel, coal...35°-40°
Bulk materials: corn, wheat...30°-45°

Connecting accordion conveyor belts
Connecting accordion conveyor belts is possible with cold process, hot vulcanization and as infinite form on request. Conecting needs extra belt length, depending on the procedure.

Continuous belts are made in standard sizes for concrete plants: 300x9300mm, 300x14690mm, 400x14690mm, 800×16.900mm with one or two cassettes.